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Sellpy is looking for a UX designer and engineer


We are looking for a generalist, talented & enthusiastic about joining an early phase startup, looking to have a big impact on the product, design & architecture of our system.

Sellpy is one of Sweden’s fastest growing startups and have already helped thousands of people to sell the things they don’t use anymore. We want to revolutionize the way we sell used goods and make it as easy to sell things as it is to buy them.

The focus of this role will be to ensure top notch user experience for our product, contribute to related product strategy and be part of the implementation on the frontend, and if you want to also on the backend.


Enthusiasm for UX and empathy for the user

You should have some experience with UX, either courses or from past work experience. if you have only worked with frontend development or design but are excited to become a UX specialist, that might work too.

Frontend development (mobile & web)

A big part of our product focus is internal & customer facing mobile and web apps and this is also where most of the user interactions are. We are looking for a hands-on person that will not only design wireframes, but also implement many features themselves with the support of the other engineers. If you are still new to engineering, that is ok, we can teach you.

Mandatory functional programming plug by the CTO

Functional programming is the most effective way to produce code that works and keeps working. if you have existing experience with functional programming it will always be a plus. as a minimum requirement you should not be afraid to learn some new tricks.

About engineering & product development at Sellpy

Making sure we have a kick-ass product is our top priority. Marty Cagan and his Silicon Valley Product Group are an important inspiration:

We like to move fast and break things, but also focus on quality where it matters.

The following blog post about the khan academy motto "shipping beats perfection" is an important inspiration:

Technology we like / inspiration / nice to haves

Programming languages
  • javascript
  • haskell
  • purescript
  • elm
  • clojure
  • erlang
  • elixir
  • scala
  • ocaml
  • scheme
  • lisp
Javascript libraries
  • react
  • redux
  • underscore
  • lodash
  • immutable
  • es6
  • react-native

Some links with info about the company


If you are interested or have any questions, please drop us a line at

If you have a portfolio or some code samples online or have
contributed to open source please let us know. we are always very interested in seeing some examples of peoples work.